© 2015 Photos by Santiago Felipe, Ves Pitts and Scott Lifshutz


New York City’s legendary drag festival, an outrageous celebration of peace, love and wigs, has not curled up and died! It’s merely been getting its second wind after a decade-long break. Last August we decided to do a 4-hour Wigstock cruise around New York Harbor as part of the popular Sea Tea series. Thanks to a phenomenal response the cruise quickly sold out. 1,000 bewigged revelers came to cheer on favorites from Wigstocks past, such as Linda Simpson, Sister Dimension, HRH Princess Diandra, Ffloyd, Flotilla Debarge and Sweetie. By all reports, the 4-hour tour recaptured the magic that once rocked the Wigstock festivals in Tompkins Square Park and on the West Side Piers. The costumes were stellar, on both performers and audience members alike, while DJs Johnny Dynell and Ed Bailey brilliantly wove in floor-fillers from yesterday and today until we literally rocked the boat! The mixture of every color, age and sexual identity blended beautifully, matching up former Wigstock attendees with newbies who were too young to have made it to previous festivals. 

Back in the 1980s the NY Times called Wigstock “good-natured anarchy”, and said “the karma was dynamite”. Well it still is! Decades later, despite gentrification, a decaying club scene and losing so many key players to AIDS, Wigstock is doing its best to prove that party people are still thriving in NYC, and that there's no substitute for boogieing with your synthetic hair blowing in the breeze! (Drugs and booze optional)

The second Wigstock cruise is scheduled for 8/21/2016 - line-up and ticket link will be announced soon.