All of these shirts are from the original print runs and we will not be printing more, so these are collector's items folks! Prices vary according to print quality, shirt quality, and how many we's got. First come first served on sizes and quality. Add $4 on all orders for shipping & handling (+$3 each for additional shirts), via Priority Mail. DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY PLEASE.


These precious items were produced for us by famous designer and "friend of drag" Todd Oldham. He graciously donated them to us so we could raise money for our shoestring event, and we'll always be grateful, even as we turn around ten years later to jack up the price and sell them as "collectibles" on our website. Each charm comes with an 18" ball chain (sounds nasty). Like the shirts, prices vary according to how many we have on hand, cuz we ain't makin' more! Add $1 on each order for shipping/handling, via First Class Mail.